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The potential of domestic high-end cutting tool market is great

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      In 2010, the total production of China's domestic knives was 29 billion yuan. In addition to supplying the domestic market, the export of knives was 7 billion yuan.In the same year, China's tool consumption reached 33 billion yuan, ranking first in the world. This shows that last year China's domestic sales of knives on the domestic market were 22 billion yuan, and foreign brand cutter sales were 11 billion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the tool consumption in China.

  Such clear data is enough to show that China has become the world's most promising tool market. Shen Zhuanghang, Honorary Chairman of the China Machine Tool Industry Association’s Tool Branch, said in an interview with reporters that compared to the international tool market, the domestic tool market has recovered very quickly after the financial crisis, and the market capacity has always maintained a rising trend. The rate is also stable at more than 65%, but in the field of high-end cutting tools, domestic tool companies still need to make greater efforts.

  Domestic tool market has great potential for development

  In 2009, when the financial crisis was rampant, the overall spending of the domestic tool market fell by only about 15%, while the consumption of cutting tools in foreign developed countries generally fell by 40 to 45%. However, only a year later, driven by the strong demand for manufacturing, the total spending on the domestic tool market quickly recovered and surpassed the highest level in history, reaching a record high of 33 billion yuan.

  In 2011, the domestic tool market maintained rapid growth and it is expected to create a new historical high. Statistics show that in the first half of the year, the domestic tool market achieved a growth rate of 25 to 30%. Although the growth rate has declined since July, it can still achieve 15% growth for the whole year. Shen Zhuangxing said. In comparison, the international tool market has maintained a stable recovery in recent years, but the conservative estimate of the average annual growth rate is only maintained at about 3 to 5%. After the domestic market has experienced rapid growth in the past years, it will gradually maintain the average annual growth rate. The growth rate is between 10% and 15%. Therefore, the domestic tool market capacity growth rate will be more than 3 times faster than the international market.

Therefore, Shen Zhuangxing believes that China has become the world's most promising tool market, and that many multinational tooling groups are also the development strategy of the post-crisis era. Without exception, they have made cutting tool sales in China the top choice. The Asia-Pacific headquarters, R&D center, training center, logistics center, etc. have all settled in China, thus taking China as the center to radiate into Asia, serving customers more directly and conveniently to better meet the special needs of customers in the Asia Pacific region.

  The reason why the Chinese market is so valued is that the main reason for this is that the share of sales in the Chinese market is increasing in the proportion of its global market share. In order to firmly grasp the Chinese market, foreign tool manufacturing companies are carefully studying the needs of China's equipment industry. For example, Seco Tools set up an industry development department this year to aim at industries and focus on providing typical parts processing for the industry. solution. The technical experts of this department are each responsible for a key industry, paying attention to the development of the industry, solving the technical problems of tool application in the industry, and providing tool application training to customers in this industry from time to time.

  High-end tool market share is too small worrying

  Although domestic tools accounted for 2/3 of the market share of China's tool consumption market, but the high-end domestic tools represented by modern high-efficiency tools account for only 2 billion yuan, while most of the 11 billion yuan imported tools are High-end tool. This should cause the importance of domestic cutting tool companies.

  In recent years, the technological development in many high-end manufacturing fields in China has brought new demands to the tools. For example, automotive tools must have high efficiency, high stability, and specialization. With the continuous development of the automotive industry, new requirements have emerged. From the technical point of view, there are mainly heavy-duty, composite, and specializations. The trend of standardization, high speed, and variety of products. In the aerospace manufacturing field, with the wide application of difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys, how to properly select and properly use tools for efficient and high-quality cutting has become a very important topic in the industry.

  Closer to the water, the domestically-made cutters should have the advantages of time, location, and humanity in providing tool services for the aforementioned manufacturing fields. In fact, the imported tools basically occupy the high-end users of the machining industry, especially in the automobile engine manufacturing workshop, the aircraft engine manufacturing enterprise machining workshop or the steam turbine manufacturing workshop, and are almost imported tools in the efficient and high-precision machining tools. Monopoly, it is difficult to see the traces of domestic tools. The domestic tools are mostly used in medium and low-demand customer groups, such as agricultural machinery, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, general machinery, and middle and low-end machinery manufacturing industries.

  Not only that, the extensive development of the manufacturing industry has led to an unbalanced development of machine tools and tools. Statistics show that the consumption ratio of CNC machine tools and cutting tools in foreign developed countries is 2:1, while the domestic proportion is too low, and the total amount of tool consumption is not yet 1/5 of the total consumption of machine tools. Many manufacturing companies spend a lot of money to purchase machine tools, but they are shrinking in tool consumption, and they are reluctant to purchase advanced and efficient tools. The market demand for traditional tools has remained high for a long time. This is also an important reason why many domestic tool companies do not want to enter advanced and efficient tool production.

At present, China's metal cutting tools have begun to develop from the high-speed steel tool to the development of carbide cutting tools, but the intensity is not enough, still mostly low-end. Therefore, it is imperative to regard the transition of high-end products as a very important task, especially the slowdown of economic growth in the United States, the weakness of the European market and the obstruction of exports of low-grade hardware tools. From the perspective of energy and raw materials, it is outdated to export a large number of low-end tools. The government will not give power. Statistics from the China Machine Tool Industry Association show that China consumes 40% of the world's tool materials, but its sales revenue only accounts for 12% to 15% of the world's tools.

  For this reason, the development of the hardware tool industry in China during the 12th Five-Year Plan period will present the following trends:

  (1) The momentum of rapid development is unstoppable. Due to macro-control, it is still in a stage of sustained development.

  (2) "Speed, accuracy, efficiency, and environmental protection" have become industry consensus.

  (3) The competition is fierce. State-owned enterprises restructured and reorganized, foreign-funded enterprises settled in one after another, and the rise of private enterprises, survival of the fittest, poor management, and bankruptcy were inevitable.

  In response to the above-mentioned grim situation, Luo Baihui, the secretary general of the International Die and Hardware & Plastics Industry Suppliers Association pointed out that the domestic tool industry should review the situation, take the market as the guide, actively adjust the industrial structure, improve product quality, and develop relevant automotive, high-speed rail, home appliances and other related people's livelihoods. New cutter. Looking at the hot industries such as machinery, molds, and energy in recent years, the tool market in China is very promising. Nowadays, China has become a world-famous manufacturer of machinery. Where is the world's tool market in the future? In China, occupying the Chinese market has occupied the international market.

  However, during this period, we should also see that behind the rapid development, companies are also soberly aware that the high growth rate of the domestic hardware and tools industry is not high in gold, and a considerable part of these companies at the expense of the environment and cheap labor. Based on the production of poor quality products for profiteering. Twist drills, taper shank drills, taps, saw blades and other low-end market saw a melee, while the growth of high-end products was slow. The high-end, sophisticated, and agile cutting tools in the automotive, mold, and aerospace industries depended heavily on imports. This is also not allowed in China's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period. It must be changed and it is hoped that the majority of enterprises will wake up.

  Chinese cutting tool companies must face up to the gap between foreign companies, including basic technologies, innovation capabilities, promotion capabilities, and service capabilities. The user needs and tool companies should be made to lead in innovation. Leading companies should take the lead in the application of technology. However, Shen Zhuangxing said that some key domestic enterprises and new outstanding private enterprises have made great progress in the development of modern and efficient tools, such as Zhuzhou Diamond, Xiamen Golden Heron and Arnold Knives. These companies attach importance to technological progress and will provide services. Put in the first place and achieved remarkable results in related fields.



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