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Explain the machine blade annealing

Date:2018-01-10 Author:admin Click:

        After cutting, all the machine blade prototypes must be spheroidized and annealed after forging to refine the carbide grains in the blade blank after forging, effectively improving the carbide segregation phenomenon of the steel and maximizing the removal of the material in the material. Carbides, while obtaining the highest quality machining performance.


       The initial mechanical processing can be based on the size of the different tools provided by the customer, the size of the material deformation and the production technical requirements and other factors, the first mechanical processing of the billet, retaining the appropriate post-processing allowance.


       The quenching and tempering treatment is to arrange a high-temperature quenching process after the blank rough processing, which can minimize the stress generated during rough machining. The carbides will be refined and the corners will be rounded. At the same time, the ultra-fine austenite grains can significantly reduce the amount of post-quenched volume expansion, and can reduce the degree of conductivity after quenching. Reduce the distortion of the final quenched workpiece.

      The re-machining procedure is to reasonably reserve the machining allowance after quenching according to different materials and workpiece sizes. If the post-processing allowance of the tool is reduced to a specified amount or less, during the later grinding process, the jump of the workpiece is caused. And the effect of end beating, it is easy to cause the decarburization layer on the side with less processing to be not completely removed, and to reduce the tool quality. After conditioning, the material properties are stable. The deformation of the post-processing is small. Therefore, other processing operations (such as various holes, slots, etc.) in the tool can be completed at this time.



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