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What to watch for when choosing a slitter blade

Date:2018-01-10 Author:admin Click:

       We have to pay attention to what we generally need to pay attention to in order to achieve better efficiency, which has become the most interesting issue for domestic slitter companies; not only because of the excellent and efficient tool can effectively guarantee the company's processing power, but also because It can achieve high qualification rate. These factors directly affect the company's delivery time and economic efficiency, and make the company's progress and its competitiveness to the market even greater.

 Now, because of the company's ever-increasing planning, some large companies use the slitter blades to produce more than one thousand purchases. However, if the right product is selected, it is reasonably selected to match the processing machine. Without affecting the processing power, the tool with the lowest cost and the highest operating life can save the company a large tool acquisition cost, which will help reduce the production cost.

  Under normal circumstances, using the longer cutting blade for insomnia has the greatest impact on saving production time. Therefore, under normal conditions, the most wearable product is the company’s most purchased product, followed by the tool with higher precision. , And offer more reasonable goods. Others, because of the difference in processing speed of modern machine tools, wear resistance and high precision tools are generally suitable for high-speed cutting equipment, and low-speed machine tools do not need this type of tool, the use of high efficiency The tool is not able to extract the efficient production of the car 7; therefore, when the company selects tools, it should select the products that can complete the best processing power.

  In general, excellent slitter blades are suitable for large-scale slitting and production, while small-batch processing can use quality-reduced products, and can reduce some of the data acquisition costs, which is very good for the invention. Now, Along with CNC machining, the accuracy requirements for cutting tools have become higher and higher, and CNC machining technology has potential advantages. It can significantly reduce the workload and increase the processing power. According to the current speed of the domestic cutting industry, the slitter blades The processing precision will be doubled in ten years. As long as the goods are continuously updated, the data with excellent strength and durability can be used, and the higher processing speed can be achieved, and the very good processing power and economic efficiency can be achieved.



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