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Is the most important accessory on the slitter a circular blade?

Date:2018-01-10 Author:admin Click:

Is the most important accessory on the slitter a circular blade? There is no standard answer to this question. Different people who work on slitting machines will give different answers. However, there is only one of the most frequent occurrences – the slitter round blade.


The manufacturers who use the slitting machine are all equipped with a very good round knife to apply to the actual processing and production. This makes the slitting machine and the slitting blade a natural pair, just like two very Like good partners, they cooperate with each other to complete complex tasks. The slitting machine can efficiently sort all kinds of workpieces, learn the operation of it, and the maintenance of the circular blade is the pre-training necessary to improve the quality of slitting products and safe and reasonable operation of machinery. This establishes the importance of the round blade in the slitting machine, which is very helpful for improving the visibility of the company's products.


When the slitter blade is operated correctly, it must be carefully checked before starting the machine to ensure normal operation. Then, the objects to be cut are put into it. Once an anomaly is detected, it is necessary to promptly report to the engineering department and find professionals. Come to repair. In production, we must try to purchase a round blade of a good material, so it is very necessary to save the waste, improve the processing efficiency and reduce the production cost of the enterprise. Do not underestimate this small round blade. Choosing the right one can bring more benefits to the company.



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