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Explain etching cutters and engraving cutters

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Explain etching cutters and engraving cutters

1, on what equipment need to use etching die?

A: It depends on what products your company rushes. Products that can be continuously washed can use automatic die-cutting machines (with compound functions), such as double-sided adhesives, diffuser films, reflective films, etc., used in mobile phones and digital products; punching a single product section using metal punching machines, hydraulic punching machines, punching Color box beer machine, manual desktop punch and so on.

2, how to design the etching die and need to pay attention to matters?

Answer: Our factory has made etching cutters according to your company's drawings and drawings (1:1) (If the accuracy is not high, you can provide samples).The thickness of the customer's substrate determines the manufacturing process of the die (such as knife height, single-sided knife, high and low knife, knife and taper, etc.).

3, etching knife mold production capacity and scope?

A: The etched die can produce a variety of irregular graphics, product tolerances can be accurate to 士 0.02mm. Widely used in flexible circuit boards, home appliances, mobile phones, auto parts, digital products, printing and packaging industries, plastic products, electronic pads, doll toys, rubber, parquet, stickers and other fields.Our company's 24-hour operation process ensures quality and efficiency, and ensures on-time delivery.

4, etching knife mold production cycle and life?

Answer: If it is urgent order, our company can arrange delivery about 5 hours after receiving the order (quotation confirmation return). The normal situation can be delivered the next day. If no one is damaged, the number of stampings can be determined based on the properties of the substrate (for example, "3M" double-sided tape can reach about 500,000 times).

5, the possibility of depth control punching using an etching die?

Answer: The etched knife die-cutting trial-and-error test substrate is used for debugging, and the experience determines the product effect. Etch blade tool height can be up to 2mm, if the product substrate is too thick and too hard to open the material hole, the gap is too narrow, it is not recommended to use the etching tool die, and instead use the engraving tool die, the etching tool die damage the blade can not be repaired , And engraving knife mold can be used for cycle repair.

6, engraving knife mold production capacity and scope of application?

A; The engraving knife mold can be used for thick materials, post-hardness stamping (such as EVA foam, sponge, all kinds of plastic film, mica sheet, insulation material, etc.) The minimum gap of engraving knife mold can be done 0.6mm, blanking The hole diameter is 0.6mm. High and low knives, single-sided knives, and various knife heights (such as 8mm material) can do 5mm knife height or higher.The biggest advantage lies in the high number of stamping operations. Blades can be repaired and recycled in a more economical manner.




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