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Steps for using the printer cutter

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Steps for using the printer cutter


  1, confirm the purpose of the operation, do not press or move the wrong button.

  2, do not put the arm under the knife bed and paper press


  First, make sure that the main motor start button is in the stop state, and confirm that the main motor pulley is at rest, install the sharpened blade on the tool changer, and then push the tool changer together with the blade to the paper press. Place the cutting tool selector switch on the right tool change position, rotate the catcher device as before, raise the blade to the highest position, install the blade attachment screw and tighten it, then loosen the 2 on the tool changer. Handle, remove the tool changer, install the remaining blade connection screws and tighten;

  Cutting knife adjustment

  Each time a new blade is mounted, or the old blade after sharpening should manually adjust the height of the tool bed to adjust the cutting amount of the blade, to avoid the accident caused by the deeper cutting caused by the replacement of a new blade. The main motor must be turned off when cutting the knife, and it can only be performed after stopping the operation!

  The adjustment steps are:

  1 Make sure the cutter is in the state of tool change. First stop the main motor, press the stop button of the main motor, and after confirming that the main motor is in the static state, set the cutover switch selection switch to the middle tool change position.

  2 Determine the cutting depth of the blade: Use a socket wrench to rotate the nut on the end face of the pulley so that the knife bed moves to the lowest point and observe whether the depth of the blade cutting into the blade is reasonable (normally cut 0.5-1 mm).

  If the knife edge contacts only one end of the blade, it can be solved by adjusting the eccentric shaft behind the main frame.

  If the blades do not cut the paper, the blade should be moved down the long hole until it can completely cut the paper.

  The specific adjustment method is as follows: turn off the main motor and power switch, loosen all blade coupling screws, put the tool bed in the manual mode to the lowest point, and use the Allen wrench to push the hanging blade device inward to about 4mm, so that the hanging knife device The brake is disengaged and the top knife cam rotates to cut the paper off the blade.

  Warning: 1. When the cutter depth is adjusted, the main motor cannot be started.

  2, the top knife cam can only be fine-tuned, such as the adjustment range is too large, you must make the hanging knife device brake off, otherwise it will cause damage to the hanging knife device!

  When the blade wear is about 20-25mm, the second row of screw holes under the knife should be used, and two top knife blocks should be added at the end of the blade. When the blade wears again and becomes unusable, the new blade should be replaced.

  The blade and the tool bed must be properly connected and must not be installed arbitrarily. The new blade should be aligned with the first row of screw holes on the right of the blade and the tool bed.

  Note: The new blade must be trimmed and chamfered according to the insert before installation. The hole spacing should be the size of the factory.



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