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Explain how the round insert material is properly selected

Date:2016-08-04 Author:admin Click:


        We all really round the blade to play a very important role in the cutting work, so when the establishment of a round blade to study the density and hardness of the necessary cutting objects, contemporary round blade has a very strong cutting edge, in general, the choice of blade material will Influenced by the example of the turning process, it is also affected by the working conditions and cutting type. Because of the influence of the hardness of the high-temperature alloy raw material, when selecting the insert material, it is necessary to deeply consider the key issue of plastic deformation of the circular blade.

     When choosing the material of the blade, it should be initially assumed that the connection cutting will stop cutting as it is. Because this affects the edge strength problem and the cutting load. Obey the old rule, the choice of insert material is usually based on the roughing or finishing process involved, and it is true. This is just one of the considerations for high-temperature alloy turning.

  In high-temperature alloy turning, the plastic deformation behavior of a wear shape, is always a life injury, need to change the blade material to suppress or reduce. In the finishing work requires a higher thermal hardness and better thermal barrier. Seriously in order to optimize the effectiveness of seating in the finishing process, it is inspired, similar, and compared with the machining of the damaged blade. The rough machining of the new blade provides a very uniform material deformation depth and dregs stress profile. The benefits of the hard alloy material lie in It is able to balance between wear resistance and toughness. Therefore, the carbide used for high-temperature alloy cutting is a fine grain coated tool with high hot hardness and high toughness. Efficiency is perfect!



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