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What should I pay attention to when using a slitter blade?

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Points to note when using a slitter blade:

  The edge of the slitter blade shall adhere to sharpness, and the edge shall be blunt or damaged. It shall be repaired or replaced in real time. There shall be manual instructions for multiple persons to operate and shall be harmonious together. The slitting and cutting on the circular blade shall prevent shearing at the same time. Information, prohibit stack cutting.

  When cut into the material to prevent the handle above the pressure plate to control the operation, cut the short material should be pressed with another iron plate, cutting the finger when the knife separates the mouth up to 200 mm. After holding the line, you should open the line will be joined before cutting Cut, such as walking around the iron plate, using wooden pillows firmly, so as not to press the foot up and then hit the pop.

  The workpieces cut by the slitter blades must be put on hold, do not stack too high, and be forbidden to be stacked on the aisles. The corners and waste should be cleared in real time, and the garden should be kept in order.

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