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Explain the function principle and application characteristics of slitter

Date:2016-08-04 Author:admin Click:

 The slitting knife is a very precise tool, which has important significance in the cutting material, speeding and blade shape, sharpness and set parameters. The slitting knife can reduce the running and high work at any time. Performance cut down time.

  The cutting knife is divided into upper knife and lower knife. It is mounted on the cutter shaft of the slitter, and the various thickness of the capacitor paper, aluminum foil, metallized film, and movie film are slit into thicknesses of 0.01 to 0.1 mm by the roller shear principle. , computer tapes, tapes, etc. The newly developed electronic slitting knife can provide you with the highest quality roll slitting products. Through the use of advanced "smart" features, you only need to invest a small number of operators to obtain a continuous and stable product, but also can provide automatic calibration function for the often difficult to set lamination knife and pre-added lateral force.

  Cutting knife application features:

  1: high accuracy and stability:

  2: All-electronic stacking knife and lateral force control

  3: Proper setting reduces blade wear

  4: Reduce operating costs and reduce downtime

  5: Have a simple and intuitive graphical user



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