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About the different cutting technology of slitter blades

Date:2016-07-27 Author:admin Click:

        In enterprise production, we often use such a device, that is, cutting machine. The use of a slitting machine requires the use of a corresponding slitter blade to be used. Moreover, different slitter blades will have different slitting processes. To make products that are satisfactory to customers, attention must be paid to the specifications of the slitter blades. And size, choose the right size to produce high-quality products.


        If the slitter blade is not properly selected, the cut-off material will show off powder or uneven cutting. Therefore, when selecting the blade, we must pay attention to the sharpness and size of the blade. The common slitting blade forms three slitting processes. The first is to cut edges. Many of the conforming materials require the use of a slitter blade for edge trimming. The products that meet the production requirements through cutting are the most common forms and are widely used. More used in composite membrane materials. The second is the form of cuts. For the material of the roll surface, it is necessary to use a slitter knife to carry out the high-speed operation cutting technology so as to divide the raw material into a plurality of narrow sides of the same kind or different specifications of materials. Such a cutting method is often used in the adhesive industry. The third is the form of sub-volume. Sub-coil is according to a certain size, according to the size and production requirements of large roll diameter material, cut into multiple rolls, or small rolls of material, this kind of slitting methods are mostly used in film substrates or color printing industry.


         In short, different slitter blades always have different processes, and are often used in different production industries. Only by selecting the appropriate slitter knives for segmentation according to the actual production needs can they be safe and save themselves. Save a lot of work time, improve the efficiency of the cutting machine blade.



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