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What is the use of a circular blade and what is it

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What is the use of a circular blade and what is it

The quotes that can provide outstanding prices on real raw materials are still made by circular blades through numerous moments, as well as planning. They are in close contact with each other. The raw materials of the blades are very common, but they are generally thick and dirty. High-strength and corrosion-resistant properties can greatly increase the lifespan of the blade, and through the special planning of the shape, this blade can be used to reduce wear and tear. The cost of repairs required can certainly be reduced by more than 70%. Sum up the cost reduction, but the talent demonstrated by the blade is still as usual, and the space provided by consumers for the benefit provided by consumers is undoubtedly not bigger and more broad.

A variety of standard round blade blades are used primarily for the slitting of paper, film, gold, silver foil, aluminum foil, copper foil, tape, etc., requesting minimal blade blockage resistance and maximum wear resistance. Request for product accuracy Edge must reach micron accuracy

  1. When not using a round blade, the blade must be hung vertically on a dry rack, and the round blade cannot be placed flat. The flat blade will deform the circular blade.

  2. The saw blade of the round blade is extremely hard and sharp, and it is necessary to hold the lighter to prevent bumping and falling.

  3. It is necessary to bring protective cover, work gloves, safety helmet, safety shoes and protective glasses when operating.

  4. Before installing the round blade, it is necessary to first recognize the function and use of the saw table to ensure that the cutting direction indicated by the arrow of the round blade is common with the direction of rotation of the saw table. Prohibition of the reverse direction device, the wrong direction may cause the saw blade to fall off. To avoid seizures

  5. When installing a circular blade, it is necessary to check whether the circular blade has cracks, misinterpretations, flattening, missing teeth, etc. before proceeding with the device.

  6. After the device is over, it is admitted that the base hole of the round blade is firmly fixed on the flange of the saw table. It is necessary to have a pad swindle when there is a washer; then, gently admit that the round blade is rolling It's not painful to shake.

  7. When using, do not exceed the maximum speed of the rule.

  8. Pre-rotation before use: After replacing with a new blade, it is necessary to pre-rotate for one minute before use to allow the saw table to enter the working condition before it can be cut.

  9. The hardness requirement of the round blade is very important, and some of you will request the irrational hardness of the blade and the blade will break.





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