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Why are round blades so practical?

Date:2016-07-27 Author:admin Click:

     Circular blades have a long history of robustness. To date, the development of round blades has become a very obvious goal. The rapid development of circular blades has also been attributed to the substantial use of round blades. What are the practical applications of circular blades?

   The variety of round blades is very dense, there are flat round knife, tooth round knife, front steel round knife and so on. These round blade applications have their merits, so exercise boundaries black and white and often healthy. In this powerful place, round blade The practical application scale has greatly benefited the improvement of round blades.

     Although circular blade is called round blade, but its form is not limited to a round shape, a variety of styles. Circular blade in the Chinese industry has been the rapid development of the next, majestic applied to the company's sitting in the middle of the actual The round blade style is simple and easy to distinguish, but there are still gaps in the shame like, for example: the slitter blade is multi-ring and multi-cut, the diameter of the inner circle is larger, the diameter of the cutter blade is smaller, but the outer circle mouth is More flat, so the key to the round outer circle of the blade, the diameter of the inner circle and the cutting angle of the knife edge, is a flat penguin or miter, must be detailed to distinguish.


  The coating power is visible everywhere. The purpose is to expand one of the outstanding instincts of circular inserts. There are two types of coated round inserts: one is a hard coated circular insert, and the other is a high hardness and wear resistance. Well, the other is a soft-coated circular blade, which can lower cutting force and cutting temperature. These two round blades each have their own advantages. In the processing of the years, according to the material of the object to be processed, choose the blade, Achieve a win-win step.



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