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Sharp Tips for Slitting Blades

Date:2016-08-05 Author:admin Click:


In order to sharpen the slitter blades, it is necessary to make the materials used have high hardness, and it is also necessary to have a certain degree of solidity. The quality of the cutters depends on the consequences of the steel after heat treatment. Excellent steel has the characteristics of high hardness, low brittleness, and high wear resistance. At present, many tool manufacturers are beginning to use Cr/V and other steels. In a class of steels, they have good wear resistance, but also have points. The cutter blade makes the request flexible, able to reach the HRC60's excellent hardness, they can create an extremely sharp blade, its solid level can handle the cutting of many data, is the aspirational tool production data.

  Slitting knife blade

  In order to improve the toughness of the steel, the slitter blade has crack resistance and reduces fatigue cracks, improves the heat treatment hardenability of the tool, and prevents the tool from brittle cracking due to higher hardness, Cr/V and other series steels are abnormally good data , supplemented by high-efficiency vacuum heat treatment process, is very unprofitable for the application life of the tool. In the non-ferrous metal material cutting process, the tool application life is an abnormal headache, because the tool life depends on many factors, data The difficulty of processing, the rationality of the tool planning, the correctness of the tool data selection, the machining accuracy and the heat treatment process are the factors that affect the quality of the tool.



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